Katahira Awards


Dr. Nobutaka Katahira

The Katahira Award was established in January 1991 in memory of the late Dr Nobutaka Katahira from Japan who was the President of REAAA during the Fifth Council Term from 1983 to 1986. Dr Katahira bequeathed three (3) million Yen to REAAA towards encouraging keen participation among young engineering professionals in the promotion and advancement of science and technology in road development and road-related engineering by way of writing, publishing and presenting technical papers.

The Katahira Awards will be awarded to the authors of outstanding technical papers relating to the road industry by young professionals. The winning entry/entries will receive cash award/s and certificate/s. The awards will be decided by the Katahira Award Evaluation Committee.

The terms and conditions for eligibility for the Katahira Awards are: