Guidelines for Hwang Award Process


This document is to prescribe matters related to the conferment of the Hwang Award derived from the Hwang Fund.

1.1 (Name) The name of the Award is “Hwang Award” or “Hwang Fund Award.”
1.2 (Objective) The award was established to recognize and celebrate REAAA members who have made a significant contribution to the development of the road sector.
1.3 (Founder) The award was established with the generous donation of an Honorary Member, Mr. Hwang Gwang-ung who is also a Co-opted Council Member of the Association. As a founder of Kunhwa Engineering & Consulting Co., Ltd. Korea, he has been actively engaged in various activities in REAAA since 1970. Through the Hwang Award, he wanted to celebrate and motivate many fellow professionals to contribute in strengthening the regional and international network in road sector through the Association.
1.4 (Committee) The Hwang Fund Committee, formed by the Governing Council of REAAA, shall be responsible for ensuring its positive impact of the Hwang Award.
1.5 (Facilitator) On behalf of the Donor, the REAAA Korean Chapter (Korea Road Association) shall assist the Hwang Fund Committee regarding conferment matters.


2.1 (Period) The award shall be conferred once every four years in accordance with the General Meeting cycle. The Hwang Fund Committee shall select one winner (awardee) until the second Council Meeting of the previous year of General Meeting.
2.2 (Winner) The winner shall be called as “the Man/Woman of REAAA 0000 (year of awarded).”
2.3 (Prize) A plaque and prize money of 10,000 US dollars shall be awarded to the winner. The wording (engraving information) on the plaque would be as follows.
We hereby present ____________ with this award in recognition for your ongoing commitment and dedication to REAAA.
2.4 (Presentation of Award) The award is to be presented at the closing ceremony of the General Meeting.


The Hwang Fund Committee shall be responsible for selecting the Hwang Award winner. Nomination and selection process can be revised by the Hwang Fund Committee in consultation with the Governing Council of REAAA.

3.1 (Eligibility) Any individual REAAA member, or an employee of member organizations is eligible to be a candidate. A candidate should not be currently a member of the Hwang Fund Committee.
3.2 (Application) A completed application form by the candidate should be submitted either by email or by post to the given postal address in the Call for Nomination.
3.3 (Nomination) Along with application form, candidates need to be nominated by a qualified Nominator, one of current members of REAAA Governing Council. Each REAAA Governing Council Member can nominate one candidate, who is not himself or herself, for one award cycle. A sealed original copy of nominating letter by one Nominator should be submitted by post to the given postal address of the Korean Chapter. An application without a valid nominating letter shall not be considered by the Committee. Multiple, more than one, nominating letters can be considered in the reviewing process.
3.4 (Short-listing) The Korean Chapter of REAAA shall conduct an initial screening of all nominations including eligibility check and document verification check; and prepare a short-list for the Committee review.
3.5 (Committee Review & Selection) The Hwang Fund Committee shall assess and evaluate the candidates’ work based on the winner selection criteria described on Chapter 4. in this document. After the considerate review process, the Committee shall select one winner. The Committee shall select a candidate with the attendance of at least fifty percent of the members, and the candidate approved with the consent of at least two-thirds shall be selected as the winner. If any Committee Member fails to attend the vote due to inevitable circumstances, he/she may designate his/her proxy to attend and vote.
3.6 (Approval of the Governing Council) The winner selected by the Hwang Fund Committee needs to be officially approved by the REAAA Governing Council for announcement of winner.


The Hwang Fund Committee shall select one professional who has made a significant contribution to REAAA and its activities by fulfilling key roles and responsibilities for an appreciable period, to ensure the Association to achieve its goals that are emphasized in the Article 3 of the Constitution (see below). The Committee also would recognize his/her dedication to establish a solid foothold for more exposure of REAAA and its activities at the international level.

1. The objectives of the Association shall be:-
(a) To promote and advance the science and practice of road engineering and related professions.
(b) To encourage communication between persons charged with the technical responsibilities for the planning, design, construction and maintenance of roads and allied structures.
(c) To obtain and diffuse among the members, information on road engineering and related matters affecting the profession, and to print, sell, publish, issue and circulate the records of transactions of the Association or any papers, periodicals, books, circulars and other itinerary undertakings or any extracts therefrom as may seem conducive to any of these objects.
(d) To educate and seek to improve, extend and elevate the technical and general knowledge of members and persons concerned with road engineering.
(e) To serve as a focal point for exchange of ideas related to road engineering
(f) To conduct, encourage and collate research in road engineering
(g) To establish, form and maintain an index of available or existing literature and articles of interest in connection with road engineering
(h) To co-operate, as may seem conducive to any of these objectives, with national and international organisations and to support and supplement their work.

The committee shall assess the candidates’ dedication based on following criteria.

4.1 (Continuous involvement in the Association for an appreciable period) The candidates are expected to prove his/her continuous involvement in the Association over the recent ten years. More than 10 years of involvement would be acknowledged.
4.2 (Successful performance of major responsibilities within the Association) The candidates are expected to prove his/her accomplishment while taking major responsibilities in closely related to the Association’s operation and management.
4.3 (Contribution to achievement of Article 3 in the REAAA Constitution) The candidates are expected to prove his/her efforts to support the Association to fulfill its objectives that the REAAA Constitution, Article 3, describes. It includes contribution to the Association’s operation & management, widening the scope of its activities, facilitating policy/technological cooperation between member countries, and strengthening the REAAA’s member networks.
4.4 (Dedication to establish a solid foothold for more exposure of REAAA and its activities at the international level) The candidates are expected to prove his/her dedication in making the Association and its activities stand out at the international level. It may include connecting the Association’s activities with other international and regional organizations and various expert groups in infrastructure sector.
4.5 (Commitment for the Association’s future) The candidates are expected to prove his/her commitment for the Association’s future. It may include not only reading the times and envisaging the Association’s future endeavors, but also promoting innovative and future-oriented culture and nurturing next generation.


5.1 (Cancelation of Award) Failure of qualification after the award may result cancelation of award.
5.2 (Prohibition against Double Conferment) No award shall be conferred double for one winner or for the same merit.
5.3 (Further Discussions) Other details shall be determined under the Hwang Fund Committee’s consultation, referring to the Terms of Reference for Hwang Fund approved by the Governing Council.
5.4 (Disputes & Resolution) Any disputes arising out of this document and the Hwang Award conferment matters shall be settled in consultation with the Hwang Committee and REAAA Governing Council.

This document becomes effective from the date of its approval by the Council.

Approved by the Governing Council on 7 July 2020

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