Conference Background

The REAAA Conference is the premier event of the Association. It is a much anticipated conference in the road engineering industry.
The REAAA Conference is held every two to four years. The success of the past conferences has further enhanced the reputation of
REAAA as a respectable regional association.

The REAAA Conference was first held in Bangkok,Thailand, in February 1976.This is the third time the Philippines has been accorded
the privilege of hosting this significant. It is 13 years since the Philippines hosted the conference in November 2006.The first time the
Philippines hosted the event was in October 1978.

Brief details of past conferences are as follows.

1stBangkok, Thailand16-20 February 1976
2ndManila, Philippines16-20 October 1978
3rdTaipei, Taiwan20-24 April 1981
4thJakarta, Indonesia22-26 August 1983
5thAdelaide, Australia25-29 August 1986
6thKuala Lumpur, Malaysia4-10 March 1990
7thSingapore22-26 June 1992
8thTaipei, Taiwan17-21 April 1995
9thWellington, New Zealand2-8 May 1998
10thTokyo, Japan4-8 September 2000
11thCairns, Australasia18-23 May 2003
12thManila, Philippines20-24 November 2006
13thIncheon, Korea22-26 September 2009
14thKuala Lumpur, Malaysia25-28 March 2013
15thBali, Indonesia22-24 March 2017
12th REAAA Conference, Manila, Philippines (November 2006)